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Keeping your account secure is very simple first login into the CP via the "Login" at the top right.

If your account is insecure you'll be brought to the "Recovery Question Options" page.
From there just follow the on screen instructions it's really that simple!

Create a new email account just for your Next Generation Account and nothing more as this ensure if your main email is ever compromised they wont have access to recover your account.

Use 2-Step Verification with your email provider this will help protect your email account if your email provider offers the service use it!

You may find yourself in a situation where "It's to good to be true" when a player is offering your something for free.

If anyone is offering you any type of perk or item in return for your personal information or claims to be an Administrator here's the steps you take.

  1. Ignore the player
  2. If in-game take a screen shot with the timestamp visible (/timestamp)
  3. Report the player via (/report) and let the administrators know
  4. Submit a player complaint on the forums so offline action can be taken

If someone claims to be an Administrator always validate it via /report > Not Listed Here and if the person really is an administrator they'll accept the report.

Please see the question below for protecting personal information

Never share any type of information to anyone over the internet that you don't know.

Just knowing the littlest detail about you may open the doors as most people use personal information to security answers/questions.

Never share your account password or linked email to anyone; Next Generation Staff do not require any such information to make changes to your account.

If Staff ask for any passwords to your account report them immediately (See Don't always believe what you see!" for the steps).

Never use a question or answer that is personal to you this may lead to someone you may know being able to guess the answer to your question.

Use a question and answer not even your close friends can guess this ensures the best protection you can give.

Group Management

Here you can see your group ranks, divisions, weapons, stock and wealth.

What vehicles are available to your group and the requirements to access them.

See who is currently in your group and what rank and division they have you can also see if the player is active within the server.

This means your able to see who to go to for concerns within your group or to train you.

Leaders can adjust player offline via change their badge, rank and division they can also remove players from the group.

If your group allows the use of the MDC you can lookup a player and see their statistics (limited).

The MDC will show previous/current crimes, licenses, residential information.

A player must have been arrested before these reports are accessible via the MDC.

If someone has become a "Most Wanted" they'll appear on this list which users of the group will be on the look out for

It also shows a report of the crimes committed.

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